For those of you interested in learning Portuguese I leave you with a (literally) translated conversation between two people so you can get a hold on some figures of speech.

Hope it helps.
- So, shovel?
- How is it going?
- It's been a long time since I've put the view on you.

- Yea. Oh, shovel, I bought a new house.
- Where do you live now?
- Oh, I'm living in the middle of the ass of Judas now! Now, imagine that the place doesn't even have public lighting! At night you can't even see the tip of a horn! Now I have to go around "oh uncle, oh uncle" for them to put there a public lighting post. I went to the Together of Parish to complain about that and they immediately started throwing mouths, asking if I really had to go to live in a hole like that, where Judas lost his boots. Man, I completely passed myself from the gears.

- Hey, mine, put yourself slim! The only thing they will do is tell you to go around the great billiard.
- What, but have we reached the wood, or what? That would be sweet! They should put themselves at stick, because I'm not afraid of them! That is the side to which I sleep better. With me they don't make flour and I find well that they don't arm themselves to the cuckoos, because I won't give my arm to twist.

- But have you been there to talk with anybody?
- I went there to speak with the President and he stayed looking at me like an ox to the palace. He told me to put myself at miles.
- You're passing yourself!

- At serious, mine! The guy started to arm himself in racing parrot, saying that donkey's voices don't reach the sky and telling me to put myself in the bitches.
- And what did you tell him?

- I told him this: "Bad Mary! You guys don't even now how you got here - you don't see an ox of this sh*t! One guy comes here and you immediately start belching slices of hake. You are all the same sh*t, only the smell is different: you neither f*ck nor get out of the top."

- Hey, big scene. And what did he say?
- First he said that I could speak at ease, because the dogs bark and the caravan goes by and then he told me to go comb monkeys to China. But when he saw that I was passing myself from the horns, he started with a high conversation, terreeteetee, sparrows to the nest, that I should have calm, and so on. Yes, because if I really would pass myself, all that **** would go with the pigs!

- Alright, alright. Let's change the topic. Have you already fixed a girlfriend?
- Hey, mine, I think I have. I met a chick who is good as corn and I immediately started dragging the wing to her, but when I went to see, she had put herself in the little female of garlic. At the next weekend I found her again and I made myself to the floor again. First she armed herself in racing stickface, but then she came eating at my hand.

- That's how it tastes better...
- Ya, it fell like cherries.
- And the chick, is she really good?
- Well, actually she isn't there a big shotgun, but one can eat it. Who doesn't have a dog, hunts with a cat, right?
- And have you already made yourself to the steak?
- Are you armed in silly, or what? You are here you are there!

- Sorry. And the chick, has she already lost the three?
- Hey shovel, go look if it is raining. Or then go see if I'm over there at the corner.
- Say there, mine!

- Oh, shovel, it's like this: I still didn't do it because Benfica Lisbon is playing at home, alright?
- Ready, you just climbed on my scale.
- You already know that I don't leave my credits in foreign hands.
- Ok. So, I will be going, I must go to the chop chop.
- And I'm going to the morphs, too.
- See ya.
- See ya. Doors yourself well.
- Until the sight!


At 8:14 da tarde, Blogger pinky said...

bemmmm tu quando vais de férias vais MESMO de férias!
Pronto, pelo menos nos entretantos internacionalizaste-te, pas mal!
bom ano! beijos.

At 11:49 da tarde, Blogger xtk said...

"doors yourself well", ehehehh
tá simply well done. kisses and hugs.

At 2:47 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Hey Chaparr, very weel done in did... i shit my self laughing...lol

hug :)


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